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Re: JOB: Teaching Position in Interactive Entertainment, CUNY

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The department will have to make the cas=
e for the candidate in question because an MPS is not considered a terminal =
degree, as Rob points out (at CUNY, in NY and in the US).

A terminal degree is the highest degree=A0earnable=A0in a given field of st=
udy.=A0Usually is a PhD. The only exceptions=A0exist=A0in the fields of appl=
ied arts such as creative writing, graphic design, fine arts, video art and =
interactive design, where an MFA is the terminal degree.=A0

For example, an MFA right now is the terminal degree for game desig=
n and game art=A0because there is no PhD in game design. A PhD is the termin=
al degree for game development (programming as opposed to design). MPS is no=
t a terminal degree in the fields of art, design, media, journalism and educ=
ation because there are MFA, Ed.D and PhD in these fields.

Terminal Master programs are often designated by specific descriptiv=
e titles such as Master of Education (M.Ed), Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A) or =
Master of Architecture (M.Arch). Typically a terminal Master takes more time=
than a non-terminal Master to complete (1-2 vs. 2-3 years) Some academic ar=
t institutions even use the MA (Master of Art) degree (30 credits) as a prer=
equisite for final acceptance into MFA candidacy. An MFA also requires the=
=A0completion=A0of certain amount of credits in art history and=A0philosophy=
MFA is usually a requirement to teach art and des=
ign at the rank of assistant=A0professor. I don’t know about other fields.=
On Jan 11, 2009, at 12:10 PM, Ro=
b Faludi [list] wrote:
CUNY officially categorizes the MPS as a no=
n-terminal degree, so it has to go through an exceptions process. This is th=
eir own pain, not yours.

On Jan 8, 200=
9, at 7:29 PM, Caleb wrote:

Midori. Hope you and fami=
ly are well. This caught my eye from the below email “If=A0we can make a str=
ong case for a
candidate,=A0they are willing to consider the MPS as a ter=
minal degree”

since I’m looking for academic teaching jobs. I thought an=
MPS WAS terminal? Especially in NYC? and on par with an MFA??? Any new thou=
ghts about this as one who has to defend an MPS as terminal out of state???

I am going for teaching in Art, Communications, Med=
ia, Journalism, and Education depts. mostly.=A0

On Jan=
6, 2009, at 11:02 AM, Midori Yasuda wrote:

The New York City Col=
lege of Technology, Department of Entertainment
Technology, invites =
applications for a tenure-track, full time
position in Interactive Ente=
rtainment at the rank of Assistant
Professor, beginning in September 20=
09. =A0Even though there are some
hurdles to overcome within CUNY (rega=
rding the terminal degree),
please do share the attached announcement w=
ith alumni, colleagues, and
friends who may be interested. If we can ma=
ke a strong case for a
candidate, they are willing to consider the MPS =
as a terminal degree.

Additional details, including application i=
nstructions, may be found at:


Jenna Spe=
Chair, Interactive Entertainment Search CommitteeNew York City College of Technology

300 Jay Street V411
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Title: Assistant Professor – Interactive EntertainmentLocation/Department: Entertainment Technology
Compensation: Commensura=
te with education and experience.
Closing Date: Open until filled with re=
view of resumes to begin 11/24/08

The New York City College of Technology, Department of Entertainme=
nt Technology,
invites applications for a tenure-track, full time positio=
n in Interactive Entertainment at the
rank of assistant professor, beginn=
ing in September 2009.
The department offers undergraduate instruction in=
a variety of disciplines, including
lighting, sound, show control, and v=
ideo systems. New programs in development include
emerging media technolo=
gy, music technology, interactive control, and video production.
The succ=
essful candidate will teach courses in several areas including, but not limi=
ted to
Interactive Media, Entertainment Control Systems, Electricity, Tan=
gible Computing, and
Introduction to Entertainment Technology. The Assist=
ant Professor will also be expected to
develop, plan, and prepare curricu=
la related to a program track in integrated and
interactive entertainment=

Qualifications for the r=
ank of assistant professor include a terminal degree in a field related
o interactive media systems, and significant experience in both design and t=
implementations. Media related software engineering experience a=
nd excellent
communications skills are essential. Candidates should provi=
de evidence of creative,
professional, and scholarly activity with adequa=
te documentation of productions,
publications, research, and curriculum m=

Send cover letter of introduction and resume.Email: isr@citytech.cuny.eduSubject Line: Interactive Entertainment
Contact: Ms. M. Harris, Direct=
or, ISR

The City University of New York
An Equal Employment Opport=
unity/Affirmative Action/Immigration Reform and Control Act/
Americans wi=
th Disabilities Act Employer