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JOB: – lead web developer

PHP / backend gurus – take the lead dev reins at a startup Calling
all backend whiz-kids! Like mashup / meta web 2.0 apps like
Pageflakes, SocialThing, FriendFeed, Yahoo OneConnect? Want to have
the chance to run your own?

Combo wants you! (

Join our team and take the reins as lead developer on a web + mobile
project that has over a year of work put into it and the potential to
explode if executed properly. We have used initial investor dollars
to create a private beta, now we need someone with real talent and
vision to take the product live. We have ongoing discussions with
interested investors, VCs and potential clients but need to polish up
and launch to keep the ball rolling. A great opportunity for the
right individual.

Start-up rules apply: no pay up front. Everyone, including the
founders, is working for the revenue down the line and significant
equity in the company. Several potential enterprise applications for
the software outside of the consumer market and all early user
feedback suggests it will be a hit with users. Part-time/free-time OK
– just bring a passion for the project and your hard work will pay off.

About us: We’re a small software startup with several on-going media
jobs and a couple iPhone social networking utilities in the works.
Lots of opportunity and a TON of connections from our sister media
production company, Harbinger.

Were all NYC local and prefer to work with locals, but are open to
any arrangements. Lets have fun and make the killer app!