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[JOB] Food Hacker Looking for Designers

his is from my friend Marc.  Everything he touches turns to gold. &nbsp=
;He then puts the gold into a centrifuge and makes a delicious meal out of i=

Dear Visual Designers w=
ith Application Experience,

Do you want to design a next-generation f=
ood platform??

I’m Marc Powell, founder of Food Hacking and proprieto=
r of Unicorn Precinct XIII (San Francisco’s only Hacker Bed & Breakfast)=
. A long time software engineer and freaky chef, I’ve been working on a next=
gen food platform aimed at evolving food online- the same way the internet h=
ooked up movies, music, photos- eg sharing and customization.

The tim=
e is now, the technology is amazing, and the team is tight- and I need your =

Want to be involved with this awesome project? Visual designers=
, send me your portfolio! I look forward to working with you.

Best,Marc Powell,

ps ple=
ase don’t forward this to public lists! thanks!