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Freelance programming gig

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Begin forwarded message:

From: =
Sareena Sernsukskul <aneeras@yah=>
Date: 18 January 2009 14:29:16 GMT
Cc: Ann McDonald 2 <am3=>
Subject: addingpositivity (emergency)

Hi Kevin,

The part that Ann and I will be=
needing help in is in the programming of the second phase of our addingPOSI=
TIVITY project (www.addingpositi= In the first phase of the project, users are able to go to we=
bsite and participate by answering questions or suggesting another question(=
s), and/or by downloading the widget and doing the same.

The second =
phase of this project involves:

1) participants being able to view th=
e responses of others when they click “view all positivity” on the website. =
There will be two ways they will be able to view the responses — one is in =
the form of a map and the other in the form of a list. In both cases, users =
will be able to “view by question” or “view by date”. In the map version, we=
would need to be able to zoom in (to be able to access to more responses) a=
nd to zoom out. And in the list version, we would need to be able to scroll.=

2) participants being able to view all their responses probably in =
the form of both a map and a list.

3) being able to download widget f=
or Vista

4) participants being able to login in widget for both Mac a=
nd Vista

With all this in mind, we reckon that the programmer would h=
ave to BE FLUENT in ajax, javascript, php, my sequel, and database. For a wa=
lkthrough of the second phase, please view the attached file (walkthrough.pd=

Also, as this project is for a conference that will take place in=
Boston in early April where we’ll have an installation as an extension of t=
his project, we would need the second phase of the project GUARANTEED COMPLE=
TED BY FEB. 13 AT THE VERY VERY LATEST. As Ann is in Boston and I am in Bang=
kok, meetings will take place via Skype.

Alright, thanks for helping=
, Kevin.