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O’Reilly Discount for ITP-ers for ETech

O’Reilly is extending an early registration 10% discount (through next Monday) for any ITP-ers for their Emerging Technology Conference 2009. All anyone would need to do is register with this code et09itp.

Some points of interest in this year’s Etech, note: Andrew Schneider ITP Alum 2007 will be performing, current Adjunct, Nick Bilton will be speaking, Rob Faludi will be conducting a workshop:

All talks:

The first day of the grid:

Some newer talks:
Alex Steffen –

Toby Segaran on the financial crash –

Real hackers Program DNA –

Jennifer Magnolfi of Herman Miller on Programmable Work Environments – (Thanks Matt J!)

Flexible Displays –

Nick Bilton of NYT on the future of news –

Arup on building future cities —

Jane on Superstruct –

Leah B. on high-low tech crafting –

Gary Wolf on the Quantified Self –

julian Bleecker on Design Fiction –

Wattzon –

The End of Obsolescence: Engineering the Post-Consumer Economy –
Non-talk items of interest:
RFID tag for all attendees

Zoe Keating and Andrew Schneider performing Wed evening. Monochrom performing later Wed evening.

FreeTech – unconference

Make Lounge – for ya know, making stuff and lounging