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JOB:Wanted audio descriptor for one-off gig – ASAP

> subject: Wanted audio descriptor for one-off gig – ASAP
> Dear Listy,
> Bridgemultimedia got a last minute audio description project. They
> need to hire a contractor ASAP. I have worked with Matt and his
> staff and they are great. They are located in mid-town. They do
> traditional and accessible post-production work.
> See description below:
> A last-minute audio description project came in, and we need
> someone who is good w/Excel, Word, etc., to build out a master
> script and then correlate it with timecode. Time frame: immediate!
> Contact Matt if you are interested or need more details.
> Matthew Kaplowitz
> Bridge Multimedia
> 49 West 27th Street, 8th Floor
> New York, NY 10001
> (212)213-3740 Tel
> (212)213-9715 Fax
> Thanks so much Pollie

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