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About Bowery Presents Media
BPM exists to work directly with Bowery Presents, New York=92s larges=
t independent concert promoter, to evaluate offline and online media opportu=
nities and execute revenue generating and promotional projects.

Job Description for Bowery Presents Media =
Primary responsi=

=B7=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0 Maintenance of data on MySpace, Facebook=A0 and other social media networks for all Bowery Presents venues.=

=B7=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0 Programmin=
g of CBS Radio application ( to correspond with upcoming and past ar=
tists at Bowery Presents.=A0

=B7=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0 Manage promotion=
al bumpers (calendar based insertion / removal) within CBS Radio application=

=B7=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0 Maintain =
Bowery Present Media pipeline grid for weekly dissemination.

=B7=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0 Coordinate with Bowery Pre=
sents marketing team for online promotion executions.


Secondary responsibilities

=B7=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0 QA liaison with development / code t=
eam and talent buyers for feature releases and bug fixes on Bowery Presents =
venue websites.

=B7=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0 Production assist at remote video productions, as needed.

=B7=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0 Work with Bowery Present=
s blog producer to keep content launches timely and on schedule.



Commitment: 10+ hours /=


This =
is an unpaid position, but the qualified candidate will be compensated with =
tickets to various shows as well as payment for production assistant opportu=
nities.=A0 This is a great opportun=
ity to get in on the ground floor of a new business that will grow rapidly i=
n 2009.=A0


Please send resumes and cover letter=
s for review to:


Jesse Mann