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Video Designer – paying gig

Please reply directly to Sandi if you're interested:


Video artist
The Mud/Bone Collective, a theater company that creates work by, =
about and for under-represented communities, is hiring a video artist to col=
laborate with us on our current project.  Our aim is to shed light on u=
ntold or under-reported stories, and currently we are developing a project f=
ocused on the stories of refugees.  Our project has several phases, and=
we are looking for a video artist who is willing to collaborate with us thr=
oughout the entire process.  The artist we are looking for is comfortab=
le shooting and editing documentary and created footage, and is enthusiastic=
about bringing their own vision and expertise as an artist to the project.&=
nbsp; We are not just looking for a camera operator/editor.  We are exc=
ited about the many possibilites of incorporating video into live performanc=
e, and are looking to work with someone who is immersing themselves in the p=
ossibilities of new technology and excited about being inventive on a small =
The project includes (but is not limited to) shooting documentary=
-style footage of workshops and interviews with refugees (both adults and hi=
gh school students), working with the ensemble to incorporate video into a p=
lay that we will develop based on the refugees’ stories, and editing a separ=
ate 15 minute video based on the workshops with the high school students.
Mud/Bone can provide a camera and Mac laptop for the project, but=
we do not have any advanced editing software (only imovie).  The first=
phase of this project is the “Workshop Phase”: it will take place in March =
(workshops with refugees & project design), April (rehearsal of performa=
nce piece & classes with high school students), and May (performance &am=
p; show 15 minute video).
The second phase, the “Professional Performance Phase” will take =
place in the summer and fall (continued development, rehearsal and professio=
nal performance).
If your interest is piqued, please contact us=
with the following:
1)    A bio & history of work

2)  &nbsp=
; A statement of interest

3)    Any video samples you =
may have.  Links to online content are best, but if you would like to m=
ail a DVD, please contact us for mailing address,


You can learn more about who we are by reading our missio=
n statement below.
Sandi Carroll, Kerry H=
uang, and Sarah Douglas
(The Mud/Bone artistic team)
The Mud/Bone Collective Mission Statement

 The Mud/Bone C=
ollective is a theater company whose goal is to reflect, serve, foster, and =
sustain the interconnection of diverse communities. We create original produ=
ctions drawing inspiration from local, untold stories and classical texts. W=
e promote leadership of minority artists and maintain an ensemble through co=
llective training. Mud/Bone is committed to a collaborative process of devel=
oping work that tests the limits and possibilities of live performance.

Toward this mission, we:

 =B7     =
Work with local community organizations to gather stories from the communit=
y through a combination of research, interviews, community residencies, and =
workshops with community members.

=B7      Develop work with the ensemble using =
a collaborative process of research, exploration, and experimentation.
=B7      Push the possibilities of live theater b=
y creating productions that are multidisciplinary, emphasize physical theate=
r, and engage in real and direct interactions with the audience.

=B7      Ensure that minority artists play a m=
ajority role in the ensemble and hold positions of leadership within the org=

=B7      Maintain an ensemble thr=
ough collective training, where artists share common experience, strengthen =
creative relationships, and develop a common vocabulary.

=B7      Exercise environmental conservation t=
hrough green production practices and sustainable resource management.