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JOB: Physical computing project

> I’m helping guide a client on a project to build out a Web application
> that controls an external robotic-like arm and video camera. A live
> video feed is displayed on the Web site where a user can manipulate
> the
> video angle and control a simple action of a robot device. We need:
> * robot designer/builder where robot’s action maneuvers camera and
> arm-like movement that throws/releases an object that is captured
> on camera
> * programmer to control robot/camera
> * developer to code the Web site features that control these external
> resources
> I’m looking for an individual or team who would like to scope and
> bid on
> this work. I’m in NYC but the client is in LA.
> I’m a designer and Web consultant with limited experience in physical
> computing from my days teaching Digital+Media at RISD and taking Max
> classes at Brown while a grad student at RISD in the 90’s.
> Thank you.
> Steven Dean
> 917 538-5194