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JOB: program mobile Memory Maker application for a state park

Contact Robin White –, tell her I sent you.
: immediate. Budget: decent, but for a non-profit.


The client is a state park in the Midwest that was damaged by flooding
in 2=
006 and is about to reopen at the end of May. While the park was
closed, r=
egular visitors found that being able to leave messages on the website
t the park helped ease the sorrow. So now that the park is reopening
they =
want to give visitors the opportunity to continue to document and
share the=
ir memories of the park. They=E2=80=99re calling this the Memory
Maker Kit=

The idea is to create the application described below for a heavy duty
op that a park interpreter can take out to specific locations in the
park s=
o visitors can identify themselves, take a picture of themselves, and
their story either as an audio file or a word doc. They will also
make th=
e laptop available sometimes in the visitor center so visitors can
record t=
heir memories at this location too. Ultimately these stories will go
on th=
e park’s website.=C2=A0

I’ve got a project that requires building an application for a PC
laptop th=
at would allow a user to:

– take a photo and save it=20
– record a minute of audio and save it=20
– write up to 300 words and save it=20

where the three files are linked, or saved as part of one record,=20
then uploaded to a database where a staff person could=20
review, edit, save, delete records, and search them by staff name,=20
user name, date and location.=20

You can reach me on my cell at 917-407-7641 at your convenience day or

Robin White