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[JOB] Web Dev for Portfolio site

Hi webbies!

The agency I work f=
or is in the process of designing our new portfolio website, and we’re looki=
ng for a good, graphics-oriented web developer to build it for us. The =
site structure, navigation and functionality will be completely spec’d out, =
all designs, copy and assets will be provided, and you’ll be working from a =
functional requirements document. The site is really simple and is basically=
only made up of three things – a homepage, several case studies pages, and =
a blog. Here’s a quick overview of what we’re looking for:

1. Javascript/AJAX
    The homepage has a sort of c=
arousel/slide-show like functionality, and there are some lightbox effects t=
hroughout the site.
2. PHP
    We =
just need a feed of our latest WordPress blog posts to appear on our homepag=
3. Wordpress template
    We have=
a template that is close to what we want to do, but it needs to be modified=
    We’ll need t=
o be able to maintain and update the site ourselves, so we’d like to keep it=
pretty simple.
We’d like to start development in t=
he next two weeks and are looking for someone who can look at our current de=
signs and give us a quote right away. Our timeline is based on three weeks o=
f development + one week of QA. Prefer to work with someone based in NYC.&nb=
sp;If you’re interested or know someone else who might be, please contact me=
directly at: croman@woodswittd=