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SUBLET? and JOB? needed ASAP

Hi Everyone-

This is sort of last minute but one of my dear friends =
is moving from the west
coast to NYC at the end of this week and is looking for both a SUMMER
SUBLET and a JOB/Internship as soon as possible in Manhattan. She recently =
graduated from Yale.=A0 I am unsure what her budget for rent is, so please e=
mail her whatever you have leads on or might be subletting.

am attaching her information below. I can vouch for her being extremely
mature, hard working as well as very responsible.=A0=A0 Please email her di=
rectly with any leads!



looking for a summer sublet in any borough, move in after the 18th of
May and before the end of the month.=A0 Ideally until the beginning
of August, but flexible.=A0 I'd prefer a room for rent or a non-share s=
tudio. I am non-smoking and I have no allergies.

You can reach me at = o=

I'm a Yale grad with a double degree =
in psychology/philosophy and theater.

have experience working in a fine restaurants and as a barista at a
high end coffee shop, and as a bookstore clerk and rare book
cataloguer.=A0 I'm open to looking at jobs that span any hours.
However, Theatrical work, especially acting, would be ideal.

=A0I arrive on the 18th of May, and would be happy working by the end of th=
at week or the beginning of the next.

can reach me at jenny.nissel@a= or jenny.nissel@gm=
I'll be happy to send a resume or more information to anyone who asks..=