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Web Design Internship Opportunity

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PCI-Media Impact
Web Des=
ign Intern
PT 3 days/week=
About PCI-Media Impact

CI-Media Impact is an innovative, not-for-profit organization that uses the =
power of storytelling and the reach of broadcast media to improve health, pr=
omote human rights, and foster lasting social change. Since its founding in =
1985, Media Impact has produced and broadcast over 276 radio and television =
programs, trained thousands of underserved men and women in development comm=
unication strategies, and inspired millions of people worldwide to live heal=
thier, more responsible lives.
PCI-Media Impact=92s Development team seeks an intern with work=
ing knowledge of Dreamweaver to assist with designing the new layout for our=
web site. Our preferred candidate is a creative, detail oriented self-start=
er who excels in a fast paced environment and is flexible to work with chang=
ing priorities. This opportunity is an excellent way to build a portfolio of=
work at one of the premier social change communications organizations.=
Responsibilities include:


Provide new creative design ide=
as as well as organization for the website.
=B7    &nbs=
Assist with updating information on the site. Write the prog=
ramming for the new site.
=B7       &nbs=
d interactive features, videos, sounds and other features to the site.
Fluency in English required. Working knowledge of DreamWeaver is essential.=
Knowledge of HTML is helpful.
The intern shoul=
d commit to work 3 days per week until the project is complete.

What we offer:

tunately, we cannot offer a stipend, but we do offer the following benefits:=

The chance to develop your talents and =
portfolio.A bottom-up management style that all=
ows interns to take on a great deal of responsibility and provides a support=
ive, stimulating and fun workplace.Letters of r=
eference for future job opportunities.



To =
Please email your resume and cover letter to Steffani Ma=
xwell, Development Associate. Please include =93Web Design Intern=94 in the =
heading of your email.

PCI -=
Media Impact
777 UN Plaza, 5th Fl, New York, NY 10017