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INTERN: new internships available at eyebeam

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We have a new website here at Eyebeam and all of our c=
alls for interns can be found here : . We’v=
e also implemented a new way to get involved with our artists called On-Call=
, for people who might want to participate in projects but are unable to mak=
e the time commitment we might ask of our regular interns. Those calls are f=
ound here : h=
ttp:// .
Thanks very much, please let me know if you have any questions at all. =
Best Regards, 

Roddy Schrock
production coordinator
540 W. 21st Street
New York, NY  10011, USA
T +1 – 212.937.6580 x236

2 Internships Available

More information on Scott Kildall’s work is at:
nbsp;Open Video Sync=
Skills required for this task: After Effects, Flash, Pho=
Start Date:  09/01/2009
Time Commitment:&nbs=
p; 12-15 hours week/2-3 months
On-site:  On Site
ott Kildall, media artist focusing on open source prototypes and cultural in=
terventions, is seeking a graphic design and animation intern.
mary responsibilities would be to design animated elements for projection ag=
ainst buildings and simple graphic designs for iPhone applications and perfo=
rmance-based websites.
Please email me with details about your edu=
cational background, your skills, a link to portfolio work and your interest=
in art and technology-related projects
Skills required for this task: ability to troubleshoot and test, arduin=
o, electronics, programming (Processing)
Activity Details

Call Type:  Internship

Start Date:  09/04/2009

Time Commitment:  12-15 hours/week, 2-3 months

sp; On Site
I am looking for an intern to assist with electronics =
programming and development. This is a new project, a “hypothetical prototyp=
e” which will involve some portions of the Arduino board, XBee, iPhone hardw=
are interfacing and video output.
Primary responsibilities would b=
e to research components, test and assist in the development of a functional=
prototypes of a EEG-reading systems to video output.
Please email=
me with details about your background, skills and interests.
 : info@rasha=
2 Internships Available
For Project Details see: The Conductor
Skills required =
for this task:
After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop
ctivity Details
Start Date:  08/20/2009
Time Commit=
ment:  3-5hr, 2-3 days a week
On-site:  On Site

Production Assistant

Rashaad Newsome seeks production assistant =
for his video project “The Conductor.”  Please send an email outlining =
your skills and interest to: info=
Internationally exhibiting artist seeks hi=
ghly skilled, extremely organized, efficient and motivated production assist=
Knowledge of the following required: MAC based: Adobe After E=
ffects, Final Cut and Photoshop
For Proj=
ect Details see: =
The Conductor
Skills required for this task:
Live, Auto Tune, MAX MSP, Pro Tools
Activity Details
art Date:  08/20/2009
Time Commitment:  open
n-site:  No
Artist Rashaad Newsome is seeking artists interes=
ted in Hip Hop music production for his project “The Conductor”
 : marina@eyebeam.or=
1 Internship Available
For Project Det=
ails see: Ecos=
ystem Engine
Working with: Marina Zurkow, Jeff Crouse
Research group:=
 Open Cultures
Skills required for this task:
Flash animation (no pro=
gramming), animation, drawing a plus
Activity Details
art Date:  08/19/2009
Time Commitment:  10 hrs a week, o=
r by the animated object
On-site:  No
Media and ani=
mation-based artist Marina Zurkow (www.o-= and Jeff Crouse (www.j= building Ecosystem Engine, an open source animation e=
ngine that takes real world data (i.e. weather, animals, environmental damag=
e), and uses it as a driver for animated sequences.
Zurkow’s work =
is one of the first “guinea pigs” for the engine. She is looking for interns=
with Flash animation experience to rotoscope animated sequences of characte=
rs. Ideally, you have your own Wacom tablet and computer. But if you work at=
eyebeam, you can use a set-up here.

F +1 – 212.937.6582