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JOB: part-time web administrator – ComposersCollaborative, inc

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A part-time position of web=
administrator =96 5-10 hours/week =96 knowledge of Mac platform a big plus.=
Interest in performing arts also a plus. I need someone to do basic upkeep =
of our Mac mini, update the website monthly, send out a Constant Contact mai=
ling also monthly, help me with performance programs (Quark or Photoshop).
This September we=92ll be setting up the CCi online newsroom.
All the web site updates will have to do with our monthly variety show Se=
rial Underground, at The Cornelia Street Caf=E9 .
Hours are flexible, an=
d pay is according to experience.

 All best,
C=E9lia Cooke, Managing Director
ComposersCollaborative, inc (CC=
210 Riverside Drive #11G
New York, NY=

POSITION: Web Administrator
10 hrs/week
PAY: hourly, according to experience ($15-$20)
TY WITH: Mac platform, Excel, Photoshop, Constant Contact, Word 2008,=
QuickBooks, iMovie, Entourage, Dreamweaver.

—— End of For=
warded Message