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JOBS: Developer, User Experience, Outreach at Nonprofit for IT and global development

Jobs at Jumo:

As a web start-up with an ambitious global mission, Jumo attracts a particular kind of person. We’re currently looking to hire hard-working individuals who value intellectual challenge, appreciate the importance of online networking technology, and, most importantly, want to change the world.

If you want to do meaningful work with a team of intellectual partners, see the position openings below.

Candidates who have a longstanding interest in global development issues (i.e. global health, good governance, education, free-flowing capital markets, etc.) are strongly preferred.


Jumo is a technology/product-focused non-profit seeking motivated, experienced web developers with the following qualifications:

* B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. in computer science or equivalent
* Significant experience developing web applications
* Passion for programming languages and databases
* Ability to think creatively about technical solutions to human problems
* Knowledge of network programming and TCP/IP preferred

In the short run, you will hit the ground running to build our first product in a short timeframe. Over time, you will be responsible for refining and growing the product and building a well-rounded engineering team. You need to be comfortable with agile, iterative development.

In addition to having a high engineering skill level, the best candidates will be comfortable making user interface and product decisions as well as recruiting other engineers.

You will be responsible for building the foundation of a system that will scale significantly and quickly. To do so, you must be self-motivated and comfortable making autonomous decisions.

Your professional experience is less important to us than your skills and passion for this kind of work.

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Product Design and User Experience Director

At Jumo, there is nothing more important than a well-conceived and carefully designed product. The entire success of our effort relies on a consistently attractive, engaging, and useful user experience.

We’re looking for designers and user experience specialists with the following qualifications:

* Extraordinary visual design and interaction talent
* Passion for creating amazing user experiences across interactive platforms
* Experience building user-friendly web products
* Ability to build what you design and explain your decisions
* Experience building mobile applications preferred

Jumo’s culture is built around the user’s experience. As a result, candidates should come from a culture of putting the user at the center of the interactive experience. You should be able to integrate elegant, functional design into a greater product vision that prizes long-term, sustained user engagement. Experience with agile, iterative development is essential.

You should be comfortable with significant ownership over the product, but open to feedback and committed to collaborative decision making. Ideally you would be able to recruit and grow a full interactive design team.

Candidates should be dedicated to using design to simplify the user’s interaction with complex issues. Your professional experience is less important to us than your skills and passion for this kind of work.

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Outreach Director

As a platform, Jumo will require the active presence of high-performing organizations engaged in improving the world in a wide variety of contexts organizations. The Outreach Director is the external face of our organization and should have the following qualifications:

* Broad knowledge of the global development landscape including a deep familiarity with organizations and programs working in a wide array of fields, including health, education, good governance, agriculture and the environment, capital markets, and infrastructure
* Experience working inside development organizations and on the ground internationally
* Familiarity with domestic non-profits and foundations
* Excellent communication and analytical skills
* Ability to cross ideological and professional boundaries to appeal to a wide audience of potential stakeholders
* Willingness to travel

The Outreach Director is a generalist position. Candidates must have a wide-ranging, nearly unparalleled command of the global development field and the ability to see through ideological constraints fairly and analytically. You must relish the opportunity to meet new people, find new projects and organizations, and learn about new ideas in the field.

As the face of the platform in the development field, you will tell the Jumo story and inspire people to join the effort. You have experience working on the ground internationally and are comfortable traveling both domestically and internationally.

This position will be the primary contact for organizations on the platform and their voice to the rest of the Jumo team.

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