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[FT Job] Creative Technologist at Strategy Start-Up


The company that Lee-Sean, Petra and I work at is looking for a Creative Technologist. The job description is below, but on top of that I can say that experience developing custom Drupal templates and/or modules would be helpful. If you have any questions feel free to email me. Thanks!

Josh Berry

Creative Technologist at Strategy Start-Up

Purpose – a New York based company that builds cutting-edge social and political movements – is looking for a talented, entrepreneurial, and creative technology lead to join our rapidly growing team. Purpose partners with organizations and brands to build real movements that mobilize millions. We work with some of the world’s biggest brands, the most exciting new players in the green economy and the best-known forces for global social change.

Purpose is a home for movement entrepreneurship. Our principals have co-founded the world’s largest online political community and the Australian political movement that now has more members than all that country’s political parties put together.

We’re also working on building mass consumer movements that help high-impact green products and services get to scale quickly.

We’re building a multi-disciplinary team of movement-makers drawn from political organizing, business, brand strategy and behavioral economics.

Demonstrated interest in building a technology team in an operating environment such as a start-up or an agency is a key asset for this role. Purpose is a young and rapidly growing company and we’re looking for someone who is excited about developing a technology team, refining our technology offering, integrating it with the rest of the business, recruiting talented and innovative developers and designers and developing and managing budgets for complex projects.

The Creative Technologist at Purpose will be responsible for website and software development for anywhere from 1-3 projects and will also play an over-arching role of management of the technology department and interacting with the movement strategy and user experience teams. This involves specifying technical requirements, researching and determining the information architecture of any given functionality, locating contractors and managing the outsourcing of projects where necessary, maintaining the technical timeline and budget, active development, and working with other technology leads as needed to assist on projects outside your purview.

Core responsibilities:

Work with the CEO and other members of the senior management team to refine Purpose’s technology offering and its role within the business.

Direct and manage development for custom functionality and design on given campaigning tools and platforms.

Assist in defining project scope, goals and deliverables.

Estimate the resources and participants needed to achieve project goals.

Determine and assess need for additional staff and/or consultants and make the appropriate recruitments if necessary during project cycle.

Develop and manage technical project budgets as needed

Set and continually manage project expectations with team members and other stakeholders.

Delegate tasks and responsibilities to appropriate staff.

Recruit and cultivate talented developers on our full-time and contract staff

Proactively manage changes in project scope, identify potential crises, and devise contingency plans.

Create development best practices and tools for project execution.

Active development as needed on any given project.


Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Technology/Computer Science/website development or related field.

Minimum 3 years work as a developer, Project Lead, or CTO.

Working knowledge of PHP, MySQL, CSS, and the LAMP stack.

Extensive experience with the Drupal Content Management System.


Javascript, specifically JQuery.

Systems Administration, Debian/Redhat/*nix.

Entrepreneurial or Startup experience.

Agency experience.

Demonstrated interest in progressive politics or causes or just a passion for social change.

Experience using and innovative thinking about using popular social media tools

If you’re interested in finding out more, please send a short CV and brief cover note, as well as three URL’s of sites you have worked on, with a description of your specific role in developing the site to jobe.

Pay will be competitive and based on experience. We have a strong preference for candidates based in New York City or willing to relocate, but if you think you might be a strong fit, we’d like to hear from you anyway.

About Us

Our principals Jeremy Heimans and David Madden co-founded – an Australian online political movement that is now larger than all Australia’s political parties put together and, the world’s largest online political community with more than 3.3 million members (a partnership with A third principal Douglas Atkin is an expert on community-building, had a legendary career in advertising, and is the author of The Culting Of Brands (Penguin, 2004).

Purpose is currently advising advocacy groups and progressive companies around the world and is also incubating new issue based movements. We’re a new, unusual and evolving combination of an agency and a home for political and social entrepreneurship.

Purpose recently launched – a global movement for a world without cancer led by the Lance Armstrong Foundation. We’ve also advised – a new global campaign to eliminate nuclear weapons spearheaded by Richard Branson, Queen Noor, Jimmy Carter and Mikhail Gorbachev; the 2007 presidential campaign of Segolene Royal, the first woman to win a major party nomination for President of France; the Australian and US labor movements. We’re also building a movement centered on access to healthcare for a Fortune 50 company and a re-launching a global brand targeting women’s self-esteem and body image.

How to Apply:

Please submit short cover letter and resume to