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JOB: MOUSE Program Manager

MOUSE Program Manager
With over 270 sites nationwide (and significant growth anticipated for
NYC in the coming year), MOUSE seeks a dynamic and passionate
Program Manager to successfully manage and grow programming in
New York City and nationally. MOUSE Program Managers are
educators, technologists, and thought-leaders in the field of
educational technology and youth development programming.
MOUSE is an innovative youth development organization that
empowers underserved students to provide technology support and
leadership in their schools, supporting their academic and career
success. MOUSE programs improve a school¡œs ability to use technology
to enhance learning, while also providing a powerful, hands-on 21st
century learning experience for students. Learn more about MOUSE
programs at
Position Description:
Reporting to the Education Director, the MOUSE Program Manager is
responsible for leading key program operations including events and
training, partnership management, and reporting systems. In addition
to responsibilities outlined below, the Program Manager serves as a
lead representative for our youth programming ¡V engaging youth,
educators, and stakeholders during events, trainings, and meetings.
The new MOUSE Program Manager is a key partner in the design and
development of MOUSE’s programmatic growth by (1) working to
design, develop and implement program elements that deepen impact
for both MOUSE Squad and MOUSE Corps programming; (2)
cultivating relationships with DOE district and region partners; and (3)
building the operational capacity of site support services.
Key Responsibilities:
MOUSE Program Managers are key collaborators in the continuous
improvement of all elements of MOUSE Program Training. In this role,
the Program Manager oversees the following discrete tasks:
Lead the implementation of MOUSE Squad’s in-person site
support efforts, working with the Program Team to refine
practices, improve outcomes, and build efficiencies
Develop protocols for collecting site support data and cycling
that data from Coordinators and contractors back in to MOUSE’s
continuous improvement system
Lead implementation logistics of NYC MOUSE Program Training,
events and related events calendar
Develop requirements and lead recruiting, hiring, training and
staffing of MOUSE Training Specialists
Collaborate to refine and develop MOUSE Squad’s UnPlugged
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MOUSE Corps Programming
Lead the design and implementation of MOUSE Corps “Pathways”
programming, including the following:
Develop and manage the pathways program calendar
Establish and maintain program-related partnerships to support
shadowships, internships, and other Pathways programming
Design and deliver in-person workshops for Pathways
Develop and manage the MOUSE Corps Mentors program
Program Operations & Partnership
Support the development of MOUSE’s Client Relationship
Management system (CRM)
Develop and maintain relationships with program partners in
NYC and beyond (NYCDOE, BTOP, corporate, nonprofits, etc.)
Participate in national educator training and orientation (in-
person and online)
Manage implementation of evaluation/reporting systems and
Additional Qualifications:
¡´    Four-year college degree plus 3-5 years of related experience.
¡´    At least 2 years demonstrated experience in schools or in
supporting youth programs.
Extreme comfort/savvy with computing technology and media.
Training and/or teaching experience.
Strong attention to detail.
Strong self-management skills/ability to work both
independently and on a team.
Experience managing staff and vollunteers.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Flexible, high energy and works well under pressure and enjoys
a fast-paced environment.
Great sense of humor.
Ability to work evenings and weekends as needed.
Experience working with students, teachers, and school
Ability and interest in conducting site visits in NYC and nationally
(some travel required).
Demonstrated experience supporting youth development or
other learning programs.
Passion for empowering youth through new technologies.
Comfort working in a NYC public school setting.
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Preferred Skills (One or more of the following is a plus):
Experience working with underserved communities
Experience in NYC public schools
Event planning and management experience
Proven experience thriving in a non-profit environment
Experience creating digital media
Salary: High 40s, commensurate with experience and salary history.
MOUSE provides an excellent benefits package, including paid
vacation, health and dental insurance, 403B, and Flexible Spending
While MOUSE is a small organization–we make every effort to expose
all staff to opportunities across the organization and (where possible)
find opportunities for promotion within the organization.
To Apply: Please send:
1) Resume
2) Cover Letter: please include a story about a positive change you’ve
made in your work, life or community.
Links to your portfolio, blog, or creative & technical work are a plus!
Applications will be considered until the position is filled. No phone
calls please.
Please email materials to:
MOUSE is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes all qualified