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INTERN: game show/board game

From: Jacqueline Howell []

I have created a game show, which I also would like to create a board game
version of.  And I am wondering if it is at all possible for me to utilize
the graphical and technical skills of the Department of Media, Culture, and
Communication at the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human
Development with the assistant of a student or students to  build and
produce my game show and board game, for which they will receive credit if
authorized by your department, or by whomever such permission is granted.

The game show is to be aired on BronxNet Community Cable TV, which I will be
producing myself.  My goal is to have the show ready for airing this coming
first quarter of 2011.  It is a music trivia game, which I have conceived of
and created.  My needs are basically logistical.  For example, when a
contestant chooses a category, I would like for that category to blink,
spin, flip, or make a noise, etc..  I am without the technical skills or
tools to execute these actions myself.  Therefore, I was hoping that in
collaboration with NYU and a student or students, I could achieve my goals.

I would appreciate any guidance you could offer in this regard.  Please
advise.  I can be reached via email or phone at: 646-575-0917.


Jacqueline P. Howell