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[Job] my art/media studio is looking for a part time assistant

Hi All,
I know that as alumni, you all are probably busy bees, but my art/media design studio is looking for a part-time paid assistant with the following qualifications:

Looking for assistant who knows:
wordpress and minimal basic css (extra programming always a plus)
some sound skills, particularly protools if possible
some very basic video editing (FCP)
ability and willingness to install artwork
responsible and autonomous

current projects that need help include:
work for upcoming art shows
graphic design/media editing for upcoming New Museum publication
sound work and admin work with clients such as V. Acconci and 2 feature films
web design and upkeep for 2 sites

The pay is not high, but the work is interesting and diverse.
15-20 hours/week onsite.

Perlin Studios:

if interested, please contact the studio directly at