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[JOB] video for BBC


I need a camera man for either september 28 or 29. It would be really nice if you can pass it along to people whom you think might be able to do the task. if they do a good job, we are gonna work for other projects as well. I am shooting for BBC Farsi. The ideal camera man should be able to do the following tasks which are pretty simple if they know the job:
a. be able to shoot an interview. I as interviewer , am not gonna be in the shot. So he or she just needs to be able to get close shots and wide shots of the interviewee(on tripod). hopefully she/he should have a good eye for frame composition.
b. I am going to rent the lightkit, but the camera person needs to know how to do the lightning for each shot
c. have access to a professional grade video camera. What I mean is that we can connect SLR microphone in it. it doesnt need to shoot HD. I have the wireless microphone myself.


I am paying hourly and we can discuss the rates if the person can do the above mentioned tasks.
The project is for BBC Farsi, so its gonna look good on their resume.
best and many thanks