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JOB: looking to hire iPAD talent

Here’s an opportunity for anyone with iPAD expertise.  Please email me at or give me a call on my cell 917-348-2251.

We are launching our first iPAD app shortly, and want to develop more immediately.

Steve Lewis
Director of Technology and the Invention Lab
Mandell School
103 West 96th St
New York, NY

Mandell School is a leading elementary and middle school with an international reputation for excellence and innovation, located in a state of the art facility on the Upper West Side at 97th and Columbus. We have a publishing division called Mandell Educational Media which is focusing on interactive apps for the emerging portable learning platforms, and have begun an active program of development for the iPAD.  In addition we have a unique learning environment called the Invention Lab in which we create and test new learning experiences.

We have an immediate need for people with expertise in the iPAD platform:  programmers, graphic artists and interaction designers.  We have a flexible approach to the work environment and relationship, including these options:

Consultancy.  You work on our site 20 or more hours per week as a consultant to our projects.

Co-location.  We provide you with office space, phone, internet, meeting space, etc.  You pursue your own business from our professional location, while dedicating a portion of your working hours to our projects.  We pay you a consulting fee commensurate with this situation.

Internship.  You work on our projects as a student intern under them auspices of your graduate studies in computer science or graphic arts.

Employment.  The above situations can lead to part or full-time employment if the fit is right.

Investment.  We may be interested in a business relationship if you have something unique.