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Local Projects web development job – Freelance

Hello – we have an interesting project in collaboration with several city governments around the U.S. to imagine new ways for people to engage with city services and solve problems. We’re working on a testpiece of one of the ideas, which will launch in Chicago. It’s a pretty simple website but we need someone with solid web skills who can help us get something up and running pretty quickly. This is a short-run project, just a couple weeks, beginning very soon, and there is probably an opportunity for further engagement.

Great general web skills required. It’s mostly a backend thing we need help with but it would be helpful to have reasonably good frontend skills. Emphasis on backend. We prefer to use Python/Django or Rails so big plus if you’re up for that -definitelynot a rigid requirement though if you’re good with something else. Please get in touch if you’re interested and I will send more info. Thanks.