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Social Media and Design Jobs with Sierra Club

Social Media Strategist

The Sierra Club seeks a full-time social media strategist to bolster the organization’s leadership in using new communications technologies to protect the planet. The winning candidate will be someone who drifts to sleep each night reading Mashable on an iPad; someone who awakes in the morning itching to experiment with new web-based tools that just might drive even more traffic to Sierra Club sites. The Social Media Strategist enjoys breaking for a pleasant lunch with intriguing colleagues at which they discuss music, art, or rock climbing – and then goes back to work fired with enthusiasm for motivating people to action. This position will drive the growth of our social media endeavors to assure that grizzlies can roam free, wild rivers remain unimpeded and that the earth doesn’t spontaneously combust as a result of humankind’s short-sighted refusal to give up filthy fossil fuels for the clean, renewable energy sources that will create good jobs and make the earth a better place for social media strategists and others.


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Online Programming and Design Manager

The Sierra Club seeks an extraordinarily creative, disciplined professional to help lead America’s largest and most influential environmental organization in its quest to inform, enlighten, engage and entertain the world online. The ideal candidate will have exceptional programming skills, cutting-edge design sensibilities and the ability to motivate a top-notch team every day to improve the energy and effectiveness of the Club’s expansive social media, online communications, and web tools. The person who leaps into this position will be detail-oriented yet able to grasp big picture patterns; an entrepreneurial, hard-charging leader who encourages excellence and is driven to stay ahead of the omnipresent changes in the fast-paced communications world.


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Senior Communications Strategist — Coal to Clean Energy

The Sierra Club seeks an experienced, highly creative communications strategist with extensive media contacts to help the Club’s “Coal to Clean Energy” campaign continue its celebrated successes in cutting America’s use of coal, the dirtiest fuel source, and replacing it with renewable energy including wind and solar power. Candidates must be brimming with energy and sophisticated ideas for using traditional and cutting edge communications tools to expose the dangers of coal use and benefits of clean energy. A deep grasp of story-telling and an enthusiasm for and nimble adaptability to technological and cultural change is essential. An understanding of grassroots organizing is a necessity. This is a big position with an awesomely serious goal — saving the world from climate disruption — so the person who accepts this job and responsibility would be ill-advised to take herself or himself too seriously. A willingness to take chances with edge and humor is encouraged.


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