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[Job] – PHP Developer

Who are we?

We are a NYC-based start-up that is building an exciting new product that lets people (i) get suggestions from relevant friends about places of interest and (ii) connects friends with overlapping travel plans and aspirations. Will share more details on the novelty of the concept and the market gap we’re addressing if/when we speak.  We currently have a three-person developer team and a non-technical CEO.

Who are you?

You are a rockstar programmer who writes amazing PHP.  You are looking to join a great team in a senior/founding team member role.  You are able to work part-time immediately, and full-time starting in January.  You’re willing to receive part of your compensation in cash, but the majority (if not all) in stock.

Contact  Send a blurb of your background and whatever else you think will give us a sense of who you are. Act soon-we’re looking for someone now. Looking forward to being in touch!

Paul Collett


noqnok |

Phone: +1 (909) 450 7718


noqnok enables people to friendsource their plans by sparking relevant and actionable conversations about where to go and who to see.