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[JOB] Flash/Flex expert

We have a position for a highly experienced, extremely knowledgeable, devastatingly brilliant Flash/Flex expert. You should have programmer-level knowledge of AS3, an intimate understanding of the principles of good interface design, and a solid professional track record of developing Flash or Flex applications with sophisticated logic and integration with other client/server components. Advanced design, illustration, or animation skills are not a requirement, but would of course be welcome. We’re more interested in seeing that you know how to program using the most advanced OOP and standards-based approaches to ActionScript structure and syntax. This is a position that demands originality, creativity, and a strong sense of user experience design, but first and foremost it requires the precision and commitment necessary to translate your concepts into efficient, modular, elegantly-structured and well-optimized multimedia code of all levels of complexity.

You’ll be expected to work well on a team with other developers, designers, animators, and project managers, maintaining good communication and adherence to project requirements and creative direction in an open, collaborative, and fast-paced work environment. You should also be independent and self-guided, able to manage deadlines and solve problems with originality and efficiency.

Specific requirements include:

– At least three years of professional Flash/Flex development with rich media and/or interface design focus. Ideally, you’re comfortable with both the Flex and Flash development environments, but you can be an expert in one and capable of learning the other.

– Bachelor’s degree with major in design technology, computer science, or related field.

– Impeccable: ActionScript 3, OOP, Flash components, client/server/database integration with web services. Experience working with frameworks such as PureMVC and third-party code libraries.

– Good: Photoshop, animation in Flash.

– Nice but not necessary: HTML5, PHP, Java, JSP, C, and SQL. iPhone and Android development. Flash remoting via AMF. Unit test design.

– The ability to devise original creative solutions and the research skills, discipline, and professionalism to bring them successfully to fruition.

– Experience working in a fast-paced, fluid environment in the marketing or media industries.

– Maturity, responsibility, great communication and collaboration skills, ability to manage time and deadlines while balancing multiple projects and priorities, ability to receive and respond to feedback and criticism with grace and professionalism.

– Empathy, generosity of spirit, strength of character, all-around niceness.

If this sounds like the job for you, please email a resume and online portfolio of professional work showing you at your most awe-inspiring to