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[JOB-ish] Fabrica Interactive is looking for young people

they currently have a shortage of students in the interactive department, and looking to fill immediately.

you get to live in a beautiful Italian town for a year and meet people from all over the world. the catch is that you have to be 25 or younger. but i’d say if you just turn 26, you *might* still have a chance.

if anybody is interested, or if anybody is teaching young, talented people who might be interested, contact Oriol directly w/ portfolio & info:

incidentally, i spent 18 months at Fabrica right after graduating from ITP – it’s a great opportunity and would recommend most people to go there. feel free to contact me off list if you’re considering and have any questions about it.

here is the posting in detail, but the interactive@fabrica email isn’t working – so email instead (yes, i just said this twice).

it’s also at:


Fabrica Interactive is looking for young interactive designers / developers / artists for a 1 year scholarship.

Fabrica is Benetton’s research centre on communication located in the Venice area, Italy. It was created in 1994 with the aim of combining culture with industry and offers young people from around the world an opportunity for creative growth and multicultural interchange.

You will:

– Love creativity and technology
– Be full of ideas, good vibes and energy
– Possess the skill-sets to communicate, prototype, and make your ideas independently
– Enjoy problem-solving
– Initiate, share and collaborate
– Speak English
– Be 25 years or under

You are multi-talented, you have skills and knowledge in many of the following areas:

OF / C++
Processing / Java
User Experience Design
Screen Design & Typography
OpenCV, OpenGL
iPhone / Android
Adobe Suite

If interested, contact, or submit an application online at