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Job: Paid Artist Gig

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CUNY’s Murphy Institute for Worker Education and Labor Studies is seeking a compelling painting or graphic image for a conference entitled “Out of the Smoke and the Flame: The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire and its Legacy.” This visual depiction should conjure up some aspect of the famous Triangle Shirtwaist Fire of 1911, while also depicting an aspect of its current legacy, with possible reference to: contemporary worker organizing or struggle in the U.S. and/or related to contemporary sweatshop conditions in the global south.  The image will be used to promote the conference on posters, brochures and the internet.  It will also run on the cover of the Institute’s journal New Labor Forum.  The artist whose work is selected for this project will be paid $3,000 and will be expected to grant broad permission to the Institute for reproduction and distribution of the work selected.




Please send c.v. and three samples of your work to by November 11, 2010.  The artist selected to carry out this work will meet with conference staff to discuss her/his ideas and gain background information that may be helpful to completing the project.  The artists will then be asked to produce three sketches or renderings from which the committee will select one.  Once this image has been agreed upon, the artists will receive one sixth ($500.00) of the full payment, and will be expected to complete a final painting or graphic in single or multicolor by December 22, 2010.  Within two weeks of delivery of the final painting/graphic, paper and electronic versions, the artists will receive final payment of the award ($2,500.00).


Paula Finn


New Labor Forum

Associate Director

Center for Labor, Community and Policy Studies

Joseph S. Murphy Institute, CUNY

25 West 43rd Street, 19th Floor

New York, NY 10036



Phone: 212-642-2025

Fax: 212-827-5955