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JOB: Software Developer + Nature Lover, Project NOAH

Software Developer + Nature Lover

a code monkey who loves monkeys

Company Background:

We launched Networked Organisms earlier this year with the mission of using fun and engaging technology solutions to help people reconnect with the planet. Our award-winning application, Project Noah, is a mobile platform for wildlife exploration and citizen science. We’re building a global network of nature observers and human earth monitors with the hope of one day becoming the go-to platform for documenting all the world’s organisms. Today, the Project Noah community has contributors from over 55 countries and counting and our members have participated in a variety of missions ranging from documenting the impact of the Gulf Coast oil spill to sharing ladybug and squirrel sightings for ongoing research at major universities. We’re about to release a completely redesigned iPhone application, our first Android application, and a totally overhauled web site with some exciting new features focused on growing community engagement and collaboration. Looking into the future, we have some huge goals and now that we have the backing of National Geographic, we’re looking to bring someone onboard to help us reach them. This is where you come in.


We’re looking for a software developer who has experience with Python (ideally on Google App Engine), knowledge of other frameworks (i.e. Rails or Django) and general web development skills (html / css /java_script / ajax). Beyond that, an interest in mobile technology including iOS and Android is critical. Most importantly, we’re looking for someone with a deep love for nature and biodiversity.


Starting immediately, we’re looking for someone who can commit to 10-12 weeks of project-driven work. There may be an opportunity for a full-time position down the road.


We’ll determine a stipend based on experience level and time commitment.


Anywhere with a reliable internet connection.

More info on what we do:

Contact: If interested, send us a message with links to your work. Feel free to throw in photos and/or blog posts from your most recent outdoor adventure. You can email us at

Some Recent Press:


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Thanks and we looking forward to hearing from you!

-The Project Noah team