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[INTERN] Kill Screen is looking for interns!

I run a videogame arts and culture company here in the city called Kill Screen. We run a quarterly mag, daily website (with a partnership with Pitchfork) and a production arm that makes games for clients. ¬†We’re looking for interns and I thought ITP students would be perfect!
The descriptions are here:
And about us!:
-We’re a leading voice on the intersection of games, play and culture.
-We produce a print quarterly and a daily website in addition to an editorial partnership with the second largest music site in the world, Pitchfork.
-We’ve been featured in the New Yorker, NPR, Details, GQ, Esquire, the FADER, Ars Technica, and others.
-We’ve thrown parties at MoMA, programmed for the New York Film Festival, and curated a section of Billboard!
-Kill Screen also runs a production arm called Kill Screen MFG that builds games, consults, and manages events.


founder | Kill Screen

a videogame arts and culture company
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