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[JOB] is looking for a web partner… is looking for a web partner is intended to be an original video content platform that delivers a barrage of female-oriented information presented in a fast-paced, irreverent manner.  Highly-produced clips will feature re-enactments, expert one-on-ones, and chick-on-the-street interviews.  From relationship advice, to fashion & beauty, to what goes on in the bedroom, will deliver the goods with sass, flair, and style. is produced by Fujisankei Communications International, creators of the hit television series MANswers for Spike TV. will retain the basic structure and high-energy pacing of MANswers, but we’re going to flip the genders to go after the female 18 – 34 demo. By combining our expertise as television producers with the accessibility and immediacy of the web, will provide both a destination for passive TV-style entertainment viewing and a template for active video-storytelling among the interweb community. 

We’re seeking a partner or partners to join forces with us to create and share in the upside of this new video content platform.  We bring the TV expertise; we’re looking to build a partnership with seasoned web pros who can work with us to design, build, promote, and eventually monetize this new platform.  Our ultimate goal is to create a new stand-alone business supported by advertising and sponsorship revenue, which we will then take to market as a television property and produce as a television series…which will ideally then in turn promote the web property in a virtuous cycle of upward-trending prosperity. 

For a quick no-budget demo of what a possible chicklopedia clip might look like, go to our website and click on the “Screening Room” icon – the “chicklopedia” video window is at the bottom of the page.

Brant Reiter <>