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[JOB] Opportunity/Technical Developer for Children’s App

Seek technical developer for children’s video share media app for Skype and other platforms that has tremendous growth potential.
Would appeal to a large community and have many positives by providing free pr to underutilized, children’s quality sites,
introduce new illustrators and writers, and give children cultural exposure.
Experience or interest in user interface design, action scripts, and internet content integration are a plus. May require skills in flash, flex, java, HTML,C++ and PHP to integrate content with Skype’s video development program and to develop reusable templates. Founder has several months content ready to go and extensive experience in strategic partnering and
sourcing capital
Goal is to get to prototype stage in one to two months. Time schedule and salary arrangements open for discussion.
Opportunity to be very hands-on and creative.
Prefer to work with someone in the New York Metro area.
If interested send e-mail to: