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[GIG] Looking for a documentary film maker (URGENT!!)

I own an organic farm 48 miles north of NYC where we recycled wood and leaves, adding soil and manure to produce compost and mulch. I have been fighting a battle with the town for almost 5 years. The town claims that I was running a commercial farming operation in a residential neighborhood.

I believe some members of the town board are trying to acquire my land through frivolous lawsuits that have no merit, by having a local judge shut my business down, using unlimited town money to keep me in court hoping I will just give up and walk away. I am on the verge of bankruptcy and am in foreclosure on my land. The supposed violations are on less than 10 acres out of 438 acres. Somehow the town board was able to get a local judge to grant the town a receivership on all of my 438 acres.The receivership gives the town carte blanche by taking over my land and selling off anything and everything they like to pay for the alleged damage they say I created, the violations which were never proven in the court.

I was going to produce, write and direct the documentary myself but feel I am too close too the project and it would be in my best interest to put it into the hands of a professional. I believe this is a golden opportunity for a documentary filmmaker to make his or her own mark. I am reaching out to student documentary filmmakers as they have a passion and burning desire for the work. It is a wonderful opportunity, I look forward to hearing from you.

Fell free to pass on my project to students. My email is¬† I believe the finished project will bring exposure, recognition and financial reward. The working title is “You think own your land, but you don’t.” or “This land is their land”.
Thank you for your time.

The court just gave permission to the town to come on the property again to probe, after they were already  denied by another judge years ago to come back on. This will all happen starting this Thursday 11/17, I am not sure of the time. We are willing to drive the videographer up from the city. or put them on the train and pay for the train. We can also pay some money as a flat fee for the job or a daily rate. We need someone ASAP! This is two days away.
Grace De Libero
The land
Cimmarron Ranch
Cimarron Road
Putnam Valley, NY 10579
you can take the train to Peekskill NY from Grand Central or drive up in one hour.
I hope you can help us! See you this weekend.
Here is my info.

Grace De Libero