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[JOB] video art collaboration, 3LD Art & Tech Center

OPPORTUNITY (time-sensitive):

A new interdisciplinary performance group (consisting of a composer, a dancer, an actor, a visual artist and a director) SEEKS a video visual artist to collaborate with on the creation of a long-term interdisciplinary performance project.

Ideally you define yourself mostly in the visual art world and are interested in:
– experimenting with form and with video interacting with live performance
– using video as light source, to change environments
– abstract representation rather than literal representation
– creating something from the ground-up, long-term collaboration and continuous learning
– finding new ways into your work

We are also seeking a documentarian/archivist who is interested in recording our artistic process from start to finish. If the video visual artist wanted to do that as well, that would be amazing.

We are Sarah Cameron Sunde (theater maker/director), Dages Juvelier Keates (dancer/choreographer/food expert), Oliver Burns (actor/performer), Christopher Berg (composer/musician) — all artists with extensive experience within our fields. We came together in January 2011 to create a truly collaborative environment, and to be inspired by looking outside of our own disciplines. Recently Sarah O’Brien (visual artist who works space, objects and clothes) joined our mix.

We are dedicated to examining our own perceptions of artistic practice, craft, content and form by going outside our comfort zones. Our work fluctuates between moments of choreographed precision and improvised impulse. We consistently investigate freedom vs. paralysis, chronemics/different ways of perceiving time, and how first impulse gets sculpted into something consistently fresh.  We have made several short-form performances and are now working on a full-length piece that we plan to tour in 2012/13.

We are each choosing a specific source material to work with as we dig deeper into our individual forms. Each track will be layered together to create a performance event that is both far-reaching and intimate, provocative and cathartic. There’s no money involved yet. We are considering producing this entirely on the barter system where no money would be exchanged. Or we may decide to raise a lot of money for it and all try to be paid well. It’s early in the process, so you would be an equal collaborator and we would decide these things together.

We meet periodically, and have two residencies coming up:
November 28 – December 4 at New Georges workspace: The Room
January 9 – 15 at 3LD Art & Technology Center

So we need someone who is at least available to work with us during those two weeks.

If you’re interested, please send your resume, online portfolio or website (if you’ve got one), and a brief note (no need for a full cover letter) explaining what interests you about this project to by Monday, November 21. The sooner, the better!

We will meet with potential collaborators Nov 18-22.
Feel free to call or email me if you have any questions. 

Sarah Cameron Sunde
theater maker / director