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[JOB] Looking for a Webmaster and Technical Guru for

I am looking to engage one of your students or alumni through paid internship or part-time employment as my webmaster and technical expert.
The ideal candidate is:
-a drupal superstar coder, ready to fix any bug and implement upgrades and expansions to the site
-hardworking, reliable, and entrepreneurial
The site is in its early days. I am hoping that it will take off and that the technical expert that I engage will help me take the site to the next level.  My goal and hope is that there is tremendous opportunity for growth in this role.
You can visit the site at
Charity Panda is a new and exciting website dedicated to raising funds for charitable organizations.
What is Charity Panda?
Charity Panda is a website that empowers hosts to invite guests to any type of event and raise funds for causes they care about.
How it Works
Charity Panda takes care of everything! The host selects an invitation, chooses a charity to support, and invites friends. Guests can RSVP and donate, if they choose, to the host’s chosen charity. Charity Panda keeps the host updated about RSVP’s and donations by email.
What Type of Events?
Charity Panda is great any time an invitation is involved: kids’ parties, dinner parties, grown up birthday celebrations, holiday parties, housewarmings, fundraisers, any kind of event at all.
Who are the Charities?
The list is growing every week! Some of the wonderful charities featured on the Charity Panda site now  include organizations dedicated to human rights, medical care, children, social services, education, animals, and the arts. We are always looking to add more charities to the site.
Thanks so much!  All the best!

Lynn Siegel