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[JOB] Programming Assistant needed

Programming Assistant needed

Seeking a programming assistant for a touring interactive art installation.

Project description: The Ascent is a mind-controlled levitation experience.

Participants levitate in a harness via an EEG brain sensor, which sends data to a winch, sound equipment, and lighting equipment. More details about the project here.

The installation is already constructed in MAX/MSP and some C. The lead programmer will teach the system to the programming assistant and it will be the programming assistant’s job to travel with the show and be in charge of the system, administer code tweaks, and generally ensure smooth operation during tour dates.

Skills needed: Seeking software engineer familiar with MAX/MSP, socket, and network programming. Knowledge of C a plus. Additional knowledge of theatrical components: rigging automation, sound and lights a plus but not necessary.

Good communication, reliability and safe demeanor a must. Teamwork skills are critical.

The production is based in New York City and Los Angeles, applicant must be willing and able to travel to New York for prep periods (first one is December 17 – 20) and then for shows as booked in the US and abroad TBD. Pay commensurate with experience.

To apply, please send resume to Michelle Stern at