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[CALL] UCD Imagine Science Film Festival

Open Call for Submissions Starts Today!

In collaboration with the University College Dublin, Imagine Science Films will program the first dedicated science film festival to be held in Dublin, Ireland — July 2012.

UCD Imagine Science Film Festival is a national exploration of science through film and digital media. Working with Irish partners from the science, media and film sectors, UCD Imagine Science Film Festival will stimulate the public interest for science by making scientific ideas and facts accessible by showcasing films that demonstrate how science impacts our lives and how scientists think and work. A selection of films for children will also be screened, in an effort to help introduce science to a young audience.

This year marks the 5th Year Anniversary of Imagine Science Films. In honor of the occasion, ISF would like to offer a special opportunity for filmmakers interested in participating. Filmmakers who submit their films by the Early Bird or Regular deadlines will be eligible for both the Imagine Science Film Festival in New York (October 2012) and the ISF UCD Festival in Dublin, Ireland (July, 2012). Submission deadlines are as follows: 

Early Bird Deadline: March 15th
ISFF New York/Dublin
Regular Deadline: May 31st
ISFF New York/Dublin
Late Deadline: June 15th
Only ISFF New York
Extended Deadline: July 15th
Only ISFF New York

Imagine Science Films aims to transform the way science is portrayed in mainstream media, while emphasizing the importance of storytelling, narrative structure, and visual communication in scientific films. This mission will be the cornerstone for programming the UCD Imagine Science Film Festival, which will showcase films that effectively incorporate credible science in compelling narratives.

The festival will harness Ireland’s tradition of creative arts to illuminate the discoveries of science that help shape our future. The UCD Imagine Science Film Festival will launch Dublin as a member of a growing network of major European cities celebrating science through film. Films will address a wide range of scientific topics, and will be chosen to help fuel debates about issues of scientific consequence.

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