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[INTERN] Design/Engineering/Fabrication Internships, RockPaperRobot

Design/Engineering/Fabrication Internships

RockPaperRobot is looking for interns to work with us on the design and fabrication of kinetic decor, at all stages of product development from conception to product marketing.

Our collections often fuse robotic/mechanized elements with traditional furniture so we seek people with fine woodworking to physical computing backgrounds, as well as communication designers for marketing materials so integral to the success of a product line.

All interns receive in-depth experience necessary to design and produce consumer products with the highest level of craftsmanship and ingenuity as well as introduction to a burgeoning creative community at one of the most inspiring collectives in Brooklyn. You will also have access to our huge network of other design firms, manufacturers, and retailers. We believe in supporting the endeavors of those we work with through enabling and allowing autonomy.

Interns will be involved in and privy to the early stages of a start-up design firm. Exceptional candidates will have the opportunity to earn a stipend and potentially become first-round paid employees. Part-time positions are 2.5 days/week; full-time are 4-5 days/week.

We are currently seeking part-time interns in the following areas:

// Operations (1 day / week: 3 months) 
Help us get our new office in order and manage some of the little things that bog us down, like tracking orders, sourcing supplies, email correspondence, and odd design jobs.

// Design and marketing (2 days / week: 3 months)
Help develop marketing materials and media campagins for upcoming products. Knowledge of cs5 (illustrator, photoshop, indd) is requisite along with strong understanding of typography, proportion, balance, contrast, tension (this should be your daily lexicon).

// Design and engineering (part-time 3-6 months
Work with us on our new furniture/products doing mechanical CAD design/engineering (e.g., Solidworks) and renderings (Rhino, 3D Studio Max, etc.).

// Prototype and fabrication (full-time: 3+ months
Build our collection with us. Looking for people with woodworking skills (CNC, manual and machine tool use), or else just exceptional motor skills and unflappable hand-eye coordination; knowledge of materials (such as woods, metals, plastics) with a focus on sustainable production; experience with rapid prototyping and manufacturing techniques.

// Physical computing & robotics (part-time 3+ months) 
Assist with integration of technology into product: including actuation (motor control/feedback), electrical engineering, sensing, programming, etc. Please specify what microcontroller platforms you have experience with.


To apply, kindly email the following memorable and relevant details and include the following:

  • Position you are looking to fill (and potential title – yes, give yourself a fitting one)
  • PDF (5MG or less) or url with work samples
  • Resume
  • Cover letter describing your ideal daily responsibilities in the internship and your availability
  • Be memorable, be relevant. Always.