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[CALL] 2012 Open Call for ASIAN Artists – To Celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month – May 2012

General Electric Invitation to Asian Artists

On behalf of the General Electric Company, we invite you to submit works for GE’s 6th Annual Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Art Exhibition.  This exhibit runs from April 30, 2012 through June 15, 2012.  This will be a wonderful opportunity to exhibit your artwork in GE’s prominent Cultural Art Gallery and also on the firm’s Cultural Online Gallery.  The works are available for sale.  To view past exhibitions visit our Online Galleries:  


Decoding The Visual Core of Qi and Chakra Technologies
This exhibit will attempt to showcase the art of Asian artists who utilize some aspects of Taoism, Buddhism or Hinduism in their lives or whose works are driven and influenced by the philosophy of Qi and Chakraism.   Decoding the visual core of Qi and Chakra Technologies aims to highlight the role of Taoist, Buddhist and Hindu philosophy in the practice of contemporary Asian Art. The philosophy of Qi (Chi) and Chakra metaphysics are important spiritual ideas that permeate Asian culture. It is clear that many Asian philosophical ideas have become an integral part of New Age American culture. The popularity of Tai Chi and Yoga are clear examples of the increased interest in Asian spirituality.  Many Asian artist create works of art whose themes, focus, symbols, iconography, philosophical and color content are inspired by (sometimes subconsciously or are directly linked to) a visual interpretation of Taoist, Buddhist or Hindu theology.  
Desired Works:  We are searching for a variety of 2-dimensional works including paintings, watercolors, mixed media, collage, photographs, vintage posters and prints.  In addition, we welcome video art, installations and sculpture. 

Submit the THREE REQUIRED ITEMS no later than March 16, 2012.  Final selections will be made by
March 30, 2012.  Works must be shipped/delivered to our Stamford, CT studio the week of April 23, 2012. Please take this timeline and location into consideration when evaluating whether this opportunity is a good fit.  
Shortly after final selections are confirmed, we will communicate details on logistics, commission structure and drop-off procedures.   

(please read the directions carefully to ensure your submissions of the 3 required items are complete and accurate) 
  #1. Artist Bio/Statement including name, telephone# and web address.

#2.  Five digital jpg files of artwork including the frame.   If the work isn’t framed, describe how it will be installed. 

The file size should be ~ 150 dpi.  The name of the jpgs should reflect the name of the artwork.  

#3.  A listing of the five works including title, year created, medium, insurance value and size(height precedes width precedes depth).