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3LD LIMINAL STAGE APPLICATION – First Round due Sunday, September 1st by 11:59PM


CALL FOR WORK: 3-Legged Dog’s Liminal Stage
3-Legged Dog exists to produce new, original works in theater, performance, dance, media and hybrid forms. 3-Legged Dog’s mission is to explore narrative possibilities created by digital technology, to foster self-expression and skill in young artists through educational initiatives and to provide an environment for our artists to create new tools and modes of expression so that they can excel across a range of disciplines.
The Program:
3-Legged Dog invites artists to submit multimedia artworks for inclusion in 3LD’s Liminal Stage. Works will be selected for public exhibit at 3LD Art & Technology Center, located at the juncture of high traffic destinations such as the WTC, New York Stock Exchange, Zuccotti Park, Battery Park and Trinity Church. As part of the program, multimedia artworks will be featured in 3LD’s iconic lobby The Tube, installed in 3LD’s street level studio windows and projected on the façade of 3LD’s neighboring building.
Curated by 3-Legged Dog staff, Liminal Stage focuses on work that can engage a street level audience using innovative technology while embracing risk-taking and pushing aesthetic boundaries. Exhibitions will be open to the public, free of charge.
For Artists:
This program is for digital and media artists who have work ready to be shown to the public that is generally self-contained. Your exhibition can be shown from the street through our windows, projected on the adjacent wall and/or it can be installed in the Tube (our lobby) to be open to the public during the day, as well as during the performances of our other resident artists. Exhibitions lengths range from 2 – 4 weeks.
We work within a cooperative exhibition model. This means:
• Projects must be self-producing. 3LD offers technical and development consultations, but cannot offer any commissions or human resources.
• 3LD will assist with press and promote your work on our website, e-blasts and brochures.
• 3LD will provide equipment based on availability.
• The Tube (lobby of 3LD) can be equipped for video projection or freestanding artworks.
• The 20’ x 11’ windows of 3LD also have a long 3’ x 18’ frosted panel to show video projections that can be seen from the street.
• 3LD owns a 12,000 lumen projector capable of projecting an approximately 20’ x 12’ image on the blank white wall facing the center (the back of a former Syms store).
• Artists will retain 90% of the proceeds from any sales of their work.
• Artist must provide their own gallery docent and gallery hours will be determined by the needs of the exhibition.
FIRST ROUND OF APPLICATIONS DUE 11:59PM Sunday, September 1st 2012
To apply for an exhibition slot you are required to submit the following via this online form.
Please do not submit paper. If you cannot use the form for any reason email your application to:
• Brief Bio of company or primary artist.
• Contact information including, name, phone, email and URL.
• Brief Project Description of your work or exhibition.
• Work sample DVD, CD or URL of the work or exhibition. If your work is still being developed please provide conceptual sketches or any visuals from previous related work.
• Technical Rider with estimated project costs (Please include technical specifications, special requirements, materials cost, etc.)