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[CALL] Writing opportunity, LEIMAY-CAVE’s conectom

LEIMAY-CAVE is currently seeking writers for its online publication, conectom.  The aim of the project is to report and comment on new developments in visual arts performance, contemporary performance, hybrid stage and installation works.

As a writer, you will make contributions ranging from interviews, reviews, essays, and development journals.  You will be in contact with LEIMAY-CAVE’s local and international network in addition to any individual projects you are interested in proposing.  A strong concentration for conectom is the adaptation of critique style to contemporary works.  This means doing away with traditional theater or visual art criticism when writing about contemporary performance, visual performance art or other hybrid works.  As such, you will be expected to learn a new perspective when writing about performative works, be it considering your position as a spectator or situating the works you are writing about within their proper context.

We are seeking persons with a strong interest in contemporary performance and visual art performance.  Writing experience is prefered, but a strong ambition to become involved in the performance medium is just as important.  Our tentative launch date for the writing series is September 15th.  From then on, we aim to maintain a well-updated publication, therefore we ask that you submit one article every three weeks. (This open call is also for occasional writers please feel free to apply and specify your interest).

conectom is an artist/audience network and online publication focusing on visual arts performance, contemporary performance and hybrid stage works. conectom features an artist directory with a permanent and rotating portfolio display, community forums, interviews, written and photographic essays, development journals, and an ever-updated, curated calendar of performance events in New York City.

Please send your resume, a writing sample, and a brief cover letter to by August 25, 2012. In the absence of a writing sample, please describe your interest in becoming a staff writer for LEIMAY-CAVE as well as your interests in visual arts performance, contemporary performance and hybrid stage works. Additionally, we are also interested in photo essayists and an editorial intern. No monetary compensation is available for these positions.

Operating since 1996, CAVE endeavors to establish an environment that attracts, provokes, and supports exchange, generative confrontation, and collaboration among culturally diverse artists and audiences.  By providing training and presenting opportunities, studio and living spaces, producing risk-taking work in the visual and performing arts, and creating a backbone structure to sustain the work of LEIMAY, CAVE provides an exploratory arena and support system for its resident and community artists. LEIMAY is an umbrella name for the work of Ximena Garnica, Shige Moriya, and the work of these two artists in collaboration.  This work ranges from photography, video art, art installations, and performance pieces to interdisciplinary collaborations and training projects.  Rooted in the body, LEIMAY’s collaborations exist at the interconnection of sound, visual, choreographic, and dramatic elements. In keeping with LEIMAY’s aesthetics and values, Garnica and Moriya also lead CAVE – a workspace devoted to the development of performance and installation art in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.