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[CALL] NYU Langone Medical Center Art Program – CALL TO ARTISTS

Call to Artists—Outdoor Art Installation for Hassenfeld Pediatric Center
Application Deadline: August 31, 2012

NYU Langone Medical Center is seeking an Artist or Artist team to design and install
a site-specific outdoor art installation for the new Hassenfeld Pediatric Center. The
targeted site focuses on the main entrance to the Hassenfeld Pediatric Center, a
dedicated children’s hospital within the Helen L. and Martin S. Kimmel Pavilion. The
purpose of this project is to create an iconic, dynamic and child-friendly sculpture
which welcomes patients, visitors and Medical Center personnel. The piece will be
seen from many different points of view including First Avenue, East 34th Street and
the FDR Drive. In view of the prominence of this location, this is an opportunity for a
‘signature’ sculpture with the potential of becoming an emblem for the Hassenfeld
Pediatric Center.

Open to practicing artists in the United States who meet the following minimum
eligibility qualifications:
• Applicants must be practicing visual artists. Applications from architects,
landscape architects or other design professionals will not be considered
unless included as part of an artist-led team.
• Completion of at least two specific projects using permanent materials in an
exterior environment.
• Experience working cooperatively with multiple professionals including but not
limited to architects, engineers and project personnel.
• Experience in the installation of, or ability to oversee the installation of, the
commissioned artwork.
• Ability to comply with project deadlines and budgets as indicated below.

Project Background

Central to NYU Langone’s campus transformation is the new, state-of-the-art
830,200-square-foot Helen L. and Martin S. Kimmel Pavilion (Kimmel Pavilion), on
track to break ground in 2013. The construction of this facility will be a major step in
our sweeping Medical Center-wide transformation focused on modernization,
beautification, increasing efficient patient flow, and providing more community-based
ambulatory care services.

Rising 22 stories, the Kimmel pavilion will contain 374 patient beds and 32 operating
rooms designed to help meet the anticipated needs of the Medical Center’s
increasing higher-acuity patient population. The building will also be “green” in every
sense, and will include a landscaped roof garden on the 7th floor overlooking the
East River and affording spectacular 360-degree views of the city.

It will also be home to our dedicated children’s hospital, the Hassenfeld Pediatric
Center. The Hassenfeld Pediatric Center is a new state-of-the-art pediatric hospital
to be built within the Kimmel Pavilion. Integral to the design of the children’s hospital
are all private rooms, making it the only pediatric inpatient facility in Manhattan to
have this feature.

The Hassenfeld Pediatric Center will have a dedicated entrance on East 34th Street
between First Avenue and the FDR Drive, featuring a child-friendly lobby. Other
important features include the 7th floor Children’s Center, with a Family Center for
orientation activities for patients, space for child life activities and support for
education, respite services for families and a rooftop garden. Sixty-eight inpatient
beds will be split evenly between acute and critical care. Three dedicated operating
rooms along with observation and peri-op beds round out the clinical program.

Public Art Site
The proposed site is a triangular parcel of lawn parallel to East 34th Street adjacent
to the main entrance. The area is approximately 40’x38’x14′ and is separated from
the building by a 28′ wide driveway. (Images of the art site and site plan are on the
next page of this document.)

NYU Langone Medical Center’s construction manager will prepare the site and
provide equipment for the artwork installation. The construction manager will
coordinate with the artist to ensure that all safety and security requirements are met
and that labor harmony is maintained.

Public Art Budget
The budget allocated for this project is $500,000, including artist fees, overhead and
operating costs, fabrication, supervision of installation, and all other fees, subconsultant costs, material costs, travel-related costs and associated fees. The Medical Center will be responsible for site preparation, installation, lighting and insurance.

Artist Selection Process
Applications will be prescreened by members of the NYU Langone Medical Center
Art Program to ensure that applicants meet the minimum qualifications. An Art
Committee comprised of five voting members will review the applications and
identify four finalists and two alternates. The finalists will then be invited to develop
Design Concept Proposals after attending a mandatory artist orientation session with
the Project Team. Each artist will be paid an honorarium of $3,000 for the
development of a conceptual design proposal.

Selection Criteria
• Artistic excellence, innovation and originality as evidenced by representations of
past work and other supporting material. This includes theme, craftsmanship and
relevance to site.
• Experience with projects of similar scale and scope.• The artist’s demonstrated ability to translate art concepts into durable and safe
materials that are compatible with design standards for permanent construction in an
exterior environment.
• Evidence that the artist’s existing public artworks have maintained an appropriate
level of quality and integrity.
• Assessed ability to meet project deadlines and to perform work in a timely and
professional manner.
• The artist’s demonstrated ability to work as a member of a project design team.

In addition, artwork commissioned for this opportunity must meet the following
• Engage patients and families, staff members and the local community.
• Complement the architecture of the Hassenfeld Pediatric Center and surrounding
• Reflect the characteristics and culture of the Hassenfeld Pediatric Center and
NYU Langone Medical Center.
• Embrace the principles of LEED certification gold and sustainability practices.
• Be appropriate for the hospital environment.
• Executed in durable materials requiring minimal maintenance.

Finalists’ Responsibilities
• Artist or Artist Teams selected to prepare Design Concept Proposals will be
required to attend an Artist Orientation Meeting with the Project Team.
• The conceptual designs must indicate the artists’ design intent, artwork location,
scale, colors, materials and fabrication processes, a preliminary budget based on
real cost estimates, and project timeline.
• Preliminary art budgets must include verifiable cost estimates for technical
design development, fabrication and/or fabrication oversight, delivery, installation
oversight, sub-consultants, the artist’s fees, and all other related project costs.

Timeline for Artist Selection (subject to change)
• July 23, 2012: RFQ Poster/Advertised
• August 31, 2012: RFQ Submissions Deadline
• Late Fall 2012: Art Committee Meeting 1 (selection of finalists)
• Winter 2012: Artist Finalists’ Orientation (mandatory)
• Spring 2013: Art Committee Meeting 2 (selection of winner)
• Spring 2013: Selected Artist Notified
• Summer 2013: Execution of Contract and Letter to Proceed
• Summer 2017: Installation of ArtSubmissions
Interested artists should submit the following to be received no later than
August 31, 2012.

1. Portfolio of no more than 10 images, which must include examples of artwork
that demonstrate your ability to successfully execute a project of this scale and
scope. Each image dimension should not exceed 800 x 600 pixels. Each should
be placed on a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation slide (not PowerPoint viewer).
Include the title/project on each slide. In the notes section of each slide, include
the following image information, as applicable:
– Title of Artwork/Project Name
– Media/Dimensions, Date of Work
– Location
– Project Budget
2. Artist statement of no more than one page that describes your interest in this
project and general approach to public art projects. Also include a brief
description of the overall themes/concepts reflected in your art work.
3. Professional resume/CV (limit two pages). Established artist teams may
submit one resume representing their previous collaborative work. First-time
collaborators must submit a resume/CV from each team member. Please include
full contact information: name, address, phone, email and website address (if
applicable). Teams should identify one member as the lead contact.

All text documents must be saved as Microsoft Word files or as editable PDFs. Do
not submit scanned text documents.

Submissions are to be emailed to: Write “SUBMISSIONARTIST/TEAM NAME” in the subject line of the email. If it is necessary to submit more than one email, title each email “Submission 1 of 3-ARTIST/TEAM NAME”
“Submission 2 of 3” etc.

For More Information
Website: Additional information can be found at
under the news section. Please email questions to:
Indicate Questions as the subject line of the email. In addition, questions and
answers will be shared with all the proposers; visit for more