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[CALL] Subway Series, Cinebeasts


What we are doing:

Cinebeasts presents the “Subway Series,” an eight-week long film series about every New Yorker’s favorite mass transit system, the Subway. We are accepting submissions of short films shot in – or about – the NYC subway until January 15th. During March and April 2013, selected films will be shown – or, “busked” – underground in the system’s vast network of walkways and platforms. The series will close with an omnibus screening of all the selected shorts at Anthology Film Archives.

“Busking” with film, you say? Yes! Cinebeasts will set up portable DVD players and digital picture frames (with over ear headphones) on subway platforms, offering straphangers short-form cinema while they wait for the train. Just like saw ladies, Peruvian pan flute bands, or other familiar entertainers – but with short films instead of music!

In addition to showing films underground, the series will screen feature length films above ground, at theaters including 92Y Tribeca, Anthology Film Archives, Union Docs, and Spectacle Theater.


What You’re Doing:

Submitting a short film shot in, or about, the New York City subway system.

Length: 7 minutes or less

Silent or sound welcome

Any subject matter or genre is okay, so long as it’s about, or set in, the NYC subway system.


How to submit:

Send a link to see your film to If your film is selected for screening, we will follow up with a request for a HQ download link. MOV file format prefered.


Deadline: Jan 15th, 2013



Q: Does the Path count?

A: Nope


Q: Can I submit an animated short?

A: Yup


About Cinebeasts

Cinebeasts is a New York based collective of film nerds, vidiots, and programmers investigating the furthest reaches of the moving image universe. Since 2009 we have explored the limits of not only what to screen, but also where? and how? From the early days throwing gritty VHS tapes onto the basement wall of an LES Puerto Rican restaurant, to the more recent “Gowanderlust” – a renegade film screening + walking tour around the Gowanus Canal – we believe the context of a screening can – and should – be just as interesting as the content.


Questions? Concerns?

Please feel free to email us at!