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[TEACHING / JOB] Instructor in Physical Computing needed at Pratt Institute January 14

The Department of Digital Arts at Pratt Institute has an unexpected opening for a physical computing instructor.  Classes begin January 14th. Please find a course description below. DDA 587: Robotics and physical computing systems engage with the real world through sensory inputs and electro-mechanical outputs driven by controller devices. The Arduino platform provides an integrated hardware/software environment that enables artists to develop works which can respond to and affect the environment in ways beyond what a standard computer interface can offer. This course provides an in-depth introduction to the fundamental principles behind such devices, a comprehensive survey of the various ways to connect with the physical world, and an overview of the programming language used to design and implement control systems.


Carla Gannis
Assistant Chairperson
Department of Digital Arts
Pratt Institute

MH 4W-4
200 Willoughby Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11205

718.399.4273 (v)
718.399.4494 (f)