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[INTERN] The Guardian Project

*About the Job*

This position is located in New York City well suited for a student of computer science. The Guardian Project is not a company, it is a community that works to make free software for freedom. So keep in mind this isn’t quite a normal internship. We structure ourselves with an awesome and benevolent dictator who runs a mostly anarchist ship.
We are looking for someone who is self-motivated and shares similar interests and goals of the project. You may take on a variety of different projects related to the software we create at the Guardian Project. Ultimately, what you get out of this internship will be up to you, we will not force you to work on something you find tedious. There is room for software development, documentation, patches, security auditing, activism, grant writing, system building and other ways of participating in the community.
* Expectations*
We expect that you will show some initiative and enthusiasm in learning about the internals of our community such that you feel comfortable asking questions and participating. You have the opportunity to work independently on various projects and should be comfortable with this. Much of what you do will be up to you, you will be given a lot of freedom, but it is expected that you participate in our community mailing-lists and interact with all the various cool people employed at the Guardian Project.

*Desired Skills*

-Familiarity and enthusiasm for Linux
-Ability to reason about network security, authentication, and crypto primitives
-Software development skills
-CS Fundamentals
-Experience writing Android Apps is a plus
*Other Skills/Interests*
-Interest in Mesh Networking
-Interest in the Tor Project
-Interest in Android UI Design
-Interest in Free and Private Communications
If you find yourself excited about this, get in contact with us! Email to set up an interview!