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[CALL] Ramenwerk at Dassarra

My objective is to change the interior design of a space at the press of a button. I have been busy developing a prototype which is currently installed at Dassara (, a Ramen restaurant in Brooklyn. My installation features a hidden 80 inch HD screen in the bar, hidden projectors capable of creating a 21 x 4 feet image on one of the dining room walls and color LEDs throughout the space. Everything is integrated and centrally controlled by a computer including sound. This allows me to display any kind of digital content and to change the lights to accommodate the imagery and create different types of atmospheres and themes in the same space. I am looking for artists that are interested to use this installation and I am organizing events featuring their art. We also have wall space to display “physical” art pieces. The idea is to give the artist(s) a great stage for their art, highlight my technology and the restaurant will profit from the people drawn to the event. Of course, the artist(s) would be able to sell art during the event. Here are some images from a recent event:

Please let me know if you think this is interesting. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks and regards,

Ralph Jacobus, Founder and CEO
Mobile: 917-971-7085