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[CALL] Two public commission opportunities for YCAM’s 10th anniversary

Life by Media

Theme: Proposing new forms of life and living with media

In this public competition we call for proposals exploring possible future ways of life and lifestyles that, with such concepts as “shared”, “nomadic” or “mobile”, keep changing in recent years. The 2011 earthquake generated a striking diversity in terms of information acquisition and editing skills, and at the same time, inspired us to question ways of forging direct relationships with society and local communities as bases for living. How can media and information communication work organically in the local communities of tomorrow? Take this opportunity to realize in the Yamaguchi community ideas to work as continuous platforms for seeking in the concepts of media and information possible answers to fundamental investigations into life and lifestyle that have recently come under review.

Not limited to media technology alone, “media” here refers to the act of creating bustle and communication, by way of mechanisms transforming cityscapes, parks that inspire people to gather; mobile services that give way to new communication, etc. Accepted in this competition are entries in all kinds of formats transcending the genres of art and design, including sculpture, video, architecture, installation, project or workshop.

The competition does not assume a specific exhibition space. The plan will be materialized through local research and negotiation.
In addition to the competition, this project will also introduce artworks created by guest artists.


Film Competition for Imaginary Film Music

Theme: Films born from music

Film music is generally used to accompany movies as an effectively synchronized choreographic element. While most soundtracks are made for existing movies, there are others that have been composed for imaginary movies that don’t actually exist. Now if one were to produce imagery for such soundtracks made according to a musician’s ideas for non-existent movies, what sort of interpretation could serve as a basis for such visual work? Wouldn’t this create an opportunity for us to think again about the meaning of film music, including the relationship between images and music?

In this project, we will ask three composers to create “film music for an imaginary film,” and call for video submissions inspired by the music. The selected works will be shown at YCAM and other locations in Yamaguchi City.


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