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[JOBs] Director of User Experience and Linux DevOps Sysadmin

They are looking for a Director of User Experience and a Linux DevOps Sysadmin roles – see write ups below.
To apply conatct:   Zoey Taylor <
Director of User Experience
– oversee world-class interactive experiences, websites and mobile applications that are powerful, simple and compelling to use.
– experience with both desktop and mobile user-interface design, as well as niche application platforms (i.e. Facebook).
– lead the Information Architecture phase of product development projects, in coordination with creatives, product team, engineers and project managers
– create complete UX documentation for all projects which could include ecosystem diagrams, user flows, site or application maps, fully annotated wireframes, and feature/functionality specifications
– effectively present documentation to clients and key stakeholders
– manage existing UX staff and build world class UX practice, as well as being a leader to teach ux practices to entire organization
–  5-7 years or more of professional experience in Information Architecture or UI/UX strategy or design & wire-framing and prototyping tools
–  deep understanding of how prototyping and customer research can be used to test, validate and inform product development
– demonstrated success leading cross-discipline teams in a user-centered design process to consistently produce insights, awesome user experiences, and business value
– excellent communication and collaboration skills, and a self manager who can balance multiple projects/tight deadlines
–  be prepared to share examples of UX documentation upon request (user flows, site/application maps, annotated wireframes, etc.)
Linux DevOps Sysadmin
– assist in administering, deploying and scaling the ever-growing stable of dedicated and cloud linux servers
– ideally help formalize development and deploy process across the board – chef/vagrant/jenkins/etc
– manage live systems, in collaboration with client, and remote developers/qa’s, tech, & creative teams….including being able to manage off hours and weekends if needed.
– server and hosting planning, config, domian mgmt
– mgmt of corporate security policies including user mgmt, access control, vendor mgmt, incident response, disaster recovery and change mgmt.
– security is critical – need balance between strong security and sane security.  experience with PCI compliance is definitely a bonus…
– deep understanding of server scaling, including optimizing Apache and MySQL based on app needs and estimated traffic/
– dont have to be a DBA, but need a fundamental understanding of how MySQL storage engines work – and what to look for when tuning & stress testing/profile is a must
– fluency in percona toolkit is a big plus
Linux (usually CentOS, some RHEL)
•   MySQL/Percona 5.5
•   PHP 4.3.6+
•   Apache/Nginx
•   Git
•   ModSecurity
•   CentOS/RHEL
•   MySQL profiling, load testing, replication and optimization
•   Apache optimization
•   Solid Perl/bash scripting-fu
•   Firewall configuration
•   DNS configuration
•   Postfix/Sendmail
•   APC/memcache
•   Configuration management
•   Centralized logging
•   AlertLogic IDS
•   AWS a plus
•   Continuous Integration configuration with Jenkins