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[CALL / CONFERENCE] Seeking speakers discussing UX & Product Dev. in NYC for 4 talks on: Internet of Things, Wearables, Connected Cars and Data Visualization tools

Hi there,

we’re seeking presenters for some upcoming NYC events and am wondering if anyone in your organization or that you know of has been doing any interesting work in the following areas that you could recommend to present.  If so, please contact me ASAP! We’re seeking 15-20 minute talks /presentations around a single product case study that focuses on the UX process aspect of the product dev.

We’re in the planning stages for 4 showcase talks/ sessions in NYC in the next several months on 4 different UX and product design focused topics:

– “Internet of Things” / Ubiquitous Computing
Consumer products, home and environmental devices that rely on digital connectivity and either passive or active sensors. Could have a screen UI for management, or not.
– Wearables
Smart watches, Google Glass, FitBit, smart shoes and clothing… we want to hear from you.
– Data visualization tools
Out-of-the-box tools, services or frameworks that allow you to easily visualize complex data in compelling ways- especially over 3+ dimensions.
– Connected Cars
Car dashboards, car management, car monitoring and tracking
If you or someone you know is working on / has recently worked on the UX / product aspect within one of these buckets and would like to present (or if you know about a cool project and would like to hear “how they made it”) please hit me up off-list!