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[CALL / WORKSHOP] Call for Collaborators | Bodynet – How to make a network of bodies?

Workshop “Bodynet – How to make a network of bodies?”

Call for Collaborators

Call to collaborate in the project development of the five selected projects for the workshop within the European project METABODY – Media Embodiment Tékhné and Bridges of Diversity.

Projects deal with topics such as performances and their relationship with the body, heteronomativity or the blurry boundaries between reality and fiction through technology.

Free registration. Dealine: 23 july, 2013. Limited space.

Dates: July 24 -31, 2013.
Venue: Medialab-Prado in Madrid (Spain)


Collaborators’ Profile

The call is open to the participation of anyone interested. However, due to the type of projects, we are looking also for profiles such as cultural minorities, anthropologists, sociologists, biologists (how to body networks operate in this and other societies and ecosystems), social workers or care specialists (body, means and functional diversity), hackers and developers (how to engage the body in a digital network based on the model of the Brain Talk Communities).


List of selected proposals

More information:

Nerea García Garmendia
Plaza de las Letras
Calle Alameda, 15. 28014 Madrid
Twitter: @medialabprado